Diablesse Rum

The Diablesse is a temptress from Caribbean folklore that appears beautiful and seductive. But beneath the beauty lies a dark and devilish woman who captures the hearts (and spirit) of her unsuspecting, would-be lovers. We need not describe what they see beneath her hat, but it is enough to drive them to ruin and madness, losing their way in her wooded labyrinth to meet their ultimate fate.

When it comes to spirits, we know that distinctive flavours and a lasting experience are everything, and just like the Diablesse, we wanted the design to lure and seduce the consumer into a world of mystery and intrigue, where there is no other option than to pick it up and take a sip.


Her character is brought to life through a rich illustrative approach and punctuated with an indulgent use of luxury gold foil and blind embossing, we wanted the depth in the design to represent the depth of blend in the rums themselves. The labels are printed with great attention to detail, capturing the fine intricacies of the illustration and complimented by swathes of embossed matt-gold foiling and devillish details.

An emerging category, people say that rum is the next big thing and with Diablesse already securing listings on the shelves of Selfrideges and picking up awards for both the Caribbean and Clementine Spiced expressions, they could just be right.