Leeds Postal Service

Tucked away in the former site of the Leeds postal sorting office, LPS is a haven for craft beer lovers and promises to deliver good times!

Presented with a name and a complete blank canvas, Analogue was tasked to design and manage all aspects of developing the site, from demolition, to the very last detail of the interiors and visual identity.

The challenge was to design a multi-functional establishment utilising the limited square footage to it’s maximum potential, so splitting it up into three very defined sections – The Service Counter, Sorting Office and the Post Master Generals Office gave LPS it’s unique offering.

On arrival you enter into a self-contained off license with a fully stocked self-serve fridge where you can pick what you want to drink both in the bar or to take away.

Through a large frosted door you can find the sorting office, an honest space with concrete floors & tin top tables, the perfect place for after work revellers to mingle. And for those seeking a little more comfort, the last room, the post masters office where you can kick back and relax the night away on a chesterfield sofa playing video games to your hearts content.

For those coming to visit, simply look for the lady of the letters glowing in all her neon glory and you’ll know you’re at the right place.